Weather for Lynnwood, WA

Currently: 27°F, Clear


Friday, February 23rd
Low: 27; High: 36; Mostly Cloudy

Saturday, February 24th
Low: 33; High: 42; Rain And Snow

Sunday, February 25th
Low: 35; High: 43; Rain And Snow

Monday, February 26th
Low: 33; High: 44; Mostly Cloudy

Tuesday, February 27th
Low: 34; High: 43; Mostly Cloudy

Wednesday, February 28th
Low: 38; High: 42; Scattered Showers

Thursday, March 1st
Low: 35; High: 43; Rain And Snow

Friday, March 2nd
Low: 33; High: 43; Mostly Cloudy

Saturday, March 3rd
Low: 30; High: 46; Partly Cloudy

Sunday, March 4th
Low: 32; High: 46; Mostly Cloudy